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WideTech is a privately owned company of engineers who are process experts.
This expertise is reflected in the software suite WiDE, which focuses on improving control and decision-making within the process.

We provide engineering services and specialized software for all kind of process industry.




Alain Niessen Co-CEO & Chief Operating Officer

Alain is commercial engineer and has 40+ years of experience in commercial (B2B) and SME general management. Alain is also judge at the Commercial Court of Liège (Belgium).

As Chief Operating Officer, Alain is responsible for finance, administration and human resources; he is also commercial support.
Alain is concerned about the satisfaction of all employees and all of the company stakeholders. 


Bruno Vrielynck Co-CEO & Chief Technical Officer

Bruno holds a Master degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master in Industrial management. He has 30+ years experience in process industry and data oriented engineering solutions. For the past 20 years, he has been a successful consultant for numerous projects in the upstream, midstram and downstream oil and gas industry as well as in the energy sector.

As Chief Technical Officer, Bruno is in charge of the engineering team at WideTech and is also the product owner of WiDE (WideTech no code software platform for data analysis & processing). As product owner, he is the key stakeholder in understanding the current and future needs of the industry and in translating them into a global vision and a strategy for developing WiDE.


Hervé Closon Business Development Manager

Hervé holds a Master degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master in Management. Hervé has 20+years of experience in oil & gas sector and chemical sectors, in engineering services and in prospection of new markets and customers. Hervé has gained knowledge in processes by implementing industrial data exploitation systems for performance monitoring as well as for production accounting.

As Business Development Manager, Hervé is dealing with you to understand your needs and translate them into a scope of work. . If you want to exploit you data efficiently and convert them into actionnable value or if you have a specific question regarding our engineering services or our data validation software WiDE, he is the one you have to contact


Hugues Stefanski Software Development Manager

Hugues holds a Master degree in Chemical Engineering.
He has 15+ years of experience in data exploitation projects, and participated to the design, development and deployement of process monitoring systems.

As Software Development Manager, Hugues is in charge of the development team, responsible for the architecture of WiDE (WideTech no code software platform for data analysis & processing), its development, and its releases.
He is the one who will help you with the installation, integration an deployment of WiDE solutions.

Operational Team


Software Development

This talented and united team is in charge of the architecture, development and releases of WiDE, which is our "no code" software platform for data analysis and exploitation.

It will also help you in the installation, integration and deployment of various applications, provide simple and practical solutions as well as resolve any problem as quickly as possible.


Business Development

All your requests will be followed up by a very professional team, endowed with harmoniously combined skills and responsible for analyzing and responding to market needs.

With accumulated experience in various cutting-edge industrial sectors, active within large networks of contacts, our business developers are attentive to all your requests and are at your disposal to understand your process and determine, with you, how to operate better your data according to your needs and find the best implementation of our tools within your organization. All with constant attention to the result and your lasting satisfaction.


Project Engineering

This team, made up of experienced engineers and young engineers all trained in top schools, fully understand the production processes.

Pragmatic and scrupulously ensuring that deadlines are met, they will use all their creativity and thoroughness to offer you new features and thus satisfy your requests.

Their constant concern is to contribute, through concrete and adapted solutions, to improving the productivity of your units.

Board of Directors

Our Board is made up of directors from the world of industry, finance and investment.
They help promote WideTech various ecosystems and give us access to prestigious networks of contacts through the institutions they represent. Close to our operations, they positively influence strategy and help the company meet the important challenges it faces.



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