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Helping user to take advantage of the power of WiDE

The project engineering team serves as the link between the client and WiDE. It relies on its expertise in industrial processes, its creativity and its mastery of WiDE to support our clients with defining, structuring and deploying applications that improve their decision-making processes.


Three main missions

We study the needs that the modelling will respond to in-depth and define the design in the form of an application.

Then we deploy this application and validate the results. We train the client so that they are able to deploy their applications independently.

Finally, we remain available throughout the life of the application to develop and support it.

Continuous improvement
We are the first people to use WiDE and witness the challenges clients face. In light of this, we identify new expectations that users have and share them with the developer team. In this way, we help ensure that WiDE is always improving.

Business expertise
Business expertise: We are also the operational experts for WiDE. We offer this expertise to our business development colleagues during the client-discovery phase or when submitting bids.

Privileged points of contact
for our clients

As project engineers, we are the privileged points of contact for our clients. Each engineer quickly takes responsibility for projects in Europe or elsewhere.

These projects can sometimes be complex and ambitious. In this position, we act as consultants and bring an outsider’s perspective on data management and opportunities for improvement.

No two days are the same

While WiDE is still our working tool, each engineer supports a number of clients during their time at WideTech. Each client and project has a different goal. There is no room for boredom or routine.


Individuals are at the heart
of our team

The department is based around three key concepts: the team, the individual and fun.

On one hand, we encourage independence, creativity and technical and personal development, as well as individual trial and error.

On the other hand, in order to grow as a unit, we put emphasis on team spirit, sharing and intra- and inter-departmental collaborations

Finally, we are convinced that good humour, smiles and a good vibe ensure happiness in the workplace. That’s why we work on that every day ;-)

Meet Christophe

Project Engineer

“I share the same ‘top sport’ standards as the one of my colleagues, the company and our customers.”.

From the spatial industry to the IT

I’m graduated as a civil engineer specialized in the spatial technologies. Rapidly, my interest in data management has grown up and I spend the first 20 years of my career in the IT and development environment.

Top sport level as a target

For years, I have trained Belgian top sport swimmers and used my engineering education as a driver for their performance and training. Today, I apply that same level of expertise & ambitions to my day to day live and work.

We share the same standards

From my previous experience in sport and industry, I setup some standards for myself and others.

Fortunately, those are perfectly in line with WideTech’s philosophy. As a process engineer, I now commit on delivering the same standards to our customers.

  • I use Wide to meet the ambitions of our customers
  • I embrace their challenge and build custom reports to overcome them
  • I support WiDE users as I used to do as a trainer
  • I bring methodologies to my WideTech team

Results by the team

Sport made me a real team player, 20 years work as an engineer in the industry confirmed only teamwork can turn any challenge into a success.

By joining WideTech engineering team, I’m confident we turn upcoming data and technology challenges into wonderful stories.


Meet Olivier

project Engineer since 2018

“I work in five differents areas, which makes my work exciting”.

An engineer with 3 years of experience

I studied Electromechanical Engineering at University of Liège (Belgium), which focused on energy production and distribution.

I started my carreer in 2017 as a BI and IT consultant, before joining WideTech in 2018.

Enjoying flexibility

I work from home a few days a week. I meet with clients about projects on a weekly basis: sometimes remotely, sometimes on-site in Belgium or sometimes even abroad. This rhythm suits me perfectly.

A role without limits

I work in five different areas, which makes my work exciting:
  • using WiDE to provide clients with added value;
  • creating reports and working on layouts, rendering, presentations;
  • studying processes, the client’s business and the user’s needs – I gather operational requirements and develop my models and reports accordingly;
  • managing relations with my clients, operators and users;
  • collaborating with testers and improvers – I give my feelings about the customer experience, missing features and so on.

A team that cares

Everyone on the team has their own responsibilities and suggests improvements. What we say is always taken into consideration. Management is friendly, open to discussion and available. The atmosphere is pleasant and people are respectful of each other, of the work and of deadlines.

This all makes it a pleasasnt place to work.


What added value does Widetech offer on a daily basis compared to your previous experiences?

There are many positives aspects. Now I have a lot of freedom in my work: the atmosphere is relaxed and I can even wear the clothes I want ;-) . It’s important for me to feel comfortable.

My previous job was more rigid. Management is more casual here. There are a lot of directions I can venture into to test new things. I have an exciting job and, on top of that, it changes every day.

Would you recommend working at WideTech?

With no hesitation. If you are looking for a fast-growing company, if you want to be versatile and if you are ready to face challenges, it is absolutely a good place to apply for a job.

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