Business development

Our mission

The business development team’s mission is to fly WideTech’s flag. We support industrial companies in their search for a solution to exploit their data with the aim of improving their production processes.


Our mission

Our responsibility is actually quite simple and can be summarised by five main themes which form a virtuous circle :

  • Represent WideTech at the heart of industry 4.0
  • Understand and meet our clients’ challenges
  • Confirm

    WiDE’s added value in our clients’ ecosystems

  • Support our clients from the first contact to implementation
  • Pass on the opportunities to improve WiDE in our company
Our mission

Three values unite the team

The department is based on the following values:

Team spirit
The team members form a real group that interacts and shares. Our keywords are trust, collaboration, goodwill, customer service and independence.

Our team is at the heart of the company and an important link in its chain. But in practice, we actually rely hugely on the other departments. Whether for technical, contractual, intellectual property or even sales issues, we often count on them.

Creativity & flexibility
WiDE is an extremely rich product and it often provides many solutions. The business development team must be creative and flexible. It must be able to devise solutions that will integrate perfectly in the client environment and as part of an often broader solution than the response provided by WiDE alone. It must be able to think it terms of partners and complementary solutions in our clients’ interest.

Listening & honesty
We solve problems! We must be honest and realistic about what WiDE can or cannot do. As the business is very technical, we never make empty promises. So listening is key. We must get a measure of the client’s challenge and their environment to then confirm the added value of our solution.


Journeys of discovery

The role of business developer at WideTech is truly unique. Firstly, it has a real international dimension. The role offers the opportunity to travel and encounter many cultures and professional practices. It’s an opportunity to discover many industries of differing sizes with a variety of professions. You never get bored.

A business that never sleeps

WideTech is at the heart of a cutting edge technological sector at the crossroads between big data, industry 4.0, IoT and artificial intelligence... As Business Developers, we’re at the centre of this ecosystem. It’s a very rewarding business that’s constantly changing, with very visible results.

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